“The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of the middle class, or do we fight for a progressive agenda that creates jobs, raises wages and takes on the economic and political power of the oligarchy?”

— Senator Bernie Sanders

NYPAN and TCP endorse Cynthia, Jumaane and Zephyr!


The Democratic Primary is Thursday, September 13th! Please vote!

Cynthia, Jumaane, and Zephyr are three fearless progressives, all challenging Andrew Cuomo’s legacy: Albany corruption, growing income inequality and an unfair tax burden on the 99%, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, lip service to the environment, women and students, mistreatment of communities of color and immigrants, support for Republicans and the “Independent” Democrats who blocked single payer healthcare in New York, and so much more.

We can do better! We need a New York that works for all of us!

Cynthia, Jumaane, and Zephyr will stand up to business-as-usual. They are not taking any donations from corporations and real estate developers. They believe in Medicare for All, taking real action to address climate change and protect our environment, reforming our criminal justice system, providing free public education from pre-K to college, legalizing marijuana, investing in green technology and jobs, and making corporations and millionaires pay their fair share.

Can you help?! Please contact Emily Adams, TCP’s chair and also local representative for the three campaigns, at emily@nypan.org. She is looking for canvassers, phone bankers, data people, social media volunteers, people to hang posters around town, people to join issue “hubs”, people to use peer-to-peer methods to identify supporters in their own networks…. you name it, she can use it!

Start by clicking right here: tell us that you support one or more of our endorsed candidates, and Emily can put that in the database. Then — in theory — the campaigns won’t need to have a volunteer call you or knock on your door. In practice, of course, it is very very hard to keep everything organized, and the Working Families Party has their own lists of people they are contacting…  Grassroots organizing is messy, but it’s fun and empowering. Please get involved!

Learn more:

Cynthia Nixon

Jumaane Williams

Zephyr Teachout

Additional endorsements for September 13th:

Amanda Kirchgessner for NY State Senate District 58 (currently occupied by Tom O’Mara)
Derek Osborne for Tompkins County Sheriff
Emily Adams for NY State Democratic committee

Thank you!



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Our Mission

“The Tompkins County Progressive Committee is a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of progressive issues at the local level. We are inspired by the political movement started by Senator Bernie Sanders but are open to participation from all progressives regardless of their political-party affiliation. Our leadership members meet regularly to plan activities (including public outreach and education around the issues), to build networks, and to recruit and support candidates for public office. We are a chapter of the statewide umbrella group New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN).”
       – Bylaws of the Tompkins County Progressives (Adopted January 5, 2017)

Bylaws of the Tompkins County Progressives

changes to bylaws, as discussed and approved at the July 2018 meeting.


Executive Board Officers

       Chair: Emily Adams

       Treasurer: Jason Cortell

       Secretary: Mario Hernandez


Steering Committee

       (Updated September, 2018)

Kim Knight
Kris Hodges
Cait Darfler
Ted Laux
Martha Laux
Katy Nicholson
Fred Balfour


Executive Board Meeting Minutes