Economic Justice and Labor

The pernicious effects of economic inequality in America are well documented: our Government is controlled by an oligarchy that thrives at the expense of the rest of us. There can be no justice as long as this systemic economic injustice is allowed to continue.

For years, our leaders at every level have seemed unable or disinclined to address our economic inequality problem; the Trump Administration and the Republican-controlled House and Senate seem committed to making it worse. In this political climate, our committee will:


  • monitor executive and legislative attacks on the social safety net, the rights of workers and labor organizations, and existing protections for consumers;
  • local voters on these issues; and
  • local, grassroots political action against the oligarchy’s self-serving agenda.


Specifically, our issues will include ACA repeal and “replacement,” changes to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, tax reform,” “amendments” to Dodd-Frank that would eliminate administrative regulation of the financial services industry, elimination of the Consumer Financial Financial Protection Bureau, and stepped up efforts (ongoing since the Reagan Administration) to “deregulate” business and industry in ways that eviscerate protections for workers’ wages and right to organize and bargain. We expect to have plenty of opportunities to work on local labor issues, too.

If Mitt Romney’s 47% remark pissed you off, if Martin Shkreli made your blood boil, then we’re the Committee for you!

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Joe Lawrence
Joe Lawrence