2021: Where we stand

We survived 2020.

The pandemic is still with us, and Donald Trump is like a re-occurring nightmare that just won’t go away. President Biden is failing to be bold and inspirational, but we pretty much expected that. At least we’ve re-joined the Paris Accord and the country is addressing a few other bare essentials.

Bernie Sanders is on fire, as Senate budget chair, which we also expected… and I don’t know about you, but that is one of the few things that gives me hope for our country over the next few years.

And hey, what about that Perseverance landing on Mars?

Locally, progressive New Yorkers are fighting again to try to pass the New York Health Act, along with a whole package of bills being supported by the Invest in Our New York coalition. One of the major roadblocks to progress on both of those fronts is our own Governor. He is in some hot water right now, around a cover-up of nursing home deaths from the pandemic. As they say, “stay tuned.”

I like the sound of “Governor Jumaane Williams” myself.

Very locally, progressives in Tompkins County are preparing for local elections, with petitioning to get on the ballot weighing heavily on everyone’s mind. The governor *did* agree to reduce the number of signatures needed, but he also shortened the time we have to get them, without taking into account either winter storms or virus variants. TCP’s parent organization, NYPAN, is actively involved in a lawsuit against the Governor and the state, to stop in-person petitioning. “Safety over Signatures.”

TCP has joined forces with the Working Families Party, with many of our members helping to charter a WFP-Ithaca club. The club has held four intensive interview sessions and recommended many candidates. The first race, where we are actively involved, is a special election on March 23 to fill the legislative seat of Anna Kelles, a TCP founding member who recently won a seat in the NY Assembly. Our endorsed candidate to take Anna’s place is Veronica Pillar.

TCP continues to hold meetings, by zoom, and take actions, by email, and engage in discussion, via our list-serv. We welcome new members! Please join us.

NYPAN and TCP endorse Cynthia, Jumaane and Zephyr!


The Democratic Primary is Thursday, September 13th! Please vote!

Cynthia, Jumaane, and Zephyr are three fearless progressives, all challenging Andrew Cuomo’s legacy: Albany corruption, growing income inequality and an unfair tax burden on the 99%, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, lip service to the environment, women and students, mistreatment of communities of color and immigrants, support for Republicans and the “Independent” Democrats who blocked single payer healthcare in New York, and so much more.

We can do better! We need a New York that works for all of us!

Cynthia, Jumaane, and Zephyr will stand up to business-as-usual. They are not taking any donations from corporations and real estate developers. They believe in Medicare for All, taking real action to address climate change and protect our environment, reforming our criminal justice system, providing free public education from pre-K to college, legalizing marijuana, investing in green technology and jobs, and making corporations and millionaires pay their fair share.

Can you help?! Please contact Emily Adams, TCP’s chair and also local representative for the three campaigns, at emily@nypan.org. She is looking for canvassers, phone bankers, data people, social media volunteers, people to hang posters around town, people to join issue “hubs”, people to use peer-to-peer methods to identify supporters in their own networks…. you name it, she can use it!

Start by clicking right here: tell us that you support one or more of our endorsed candidates, and Emily can put that in the database. Then — in theory — the campaigns won’t need to have a volunteer call you or knock on your door. In practice, of course, it is very very hard to keep everything organized, and the Working Families Party has their own lists of people they are contacting…  Grassroots organizing is messy, but it’s fun and empowering. Please get involved!

Learn more:

Cynthia Nixon

Jumaane Williams

Zephyr Teachout

Additional endorsements for September 13th:

Amanda Kirchgessner for NY State Senate District 58 (currently occupied by Tom O’Mara)
Derek Osborne for Tompkins County Sheriff
Emily Adams for NY State Democratic committee

Thank you!