Ian Golden Wins Endorsement of Tompkins County Progressives

Tompkins County Progressives is pleased to announce that Ian Golden, Democratic-primary candidate for New York’s 23rd Congressional District, has received their formal endorsement. Over a one-week period that ended on January 25, their members used an online, preferential-voting system to rank the seven CD-23 candidates who sought their endorsement. Ian received a 54% majority of the ranked votes for the TCP endorsement. (The remaining votes were split evenly between Tracy Mitrano and Max Della Pia.)

Ian Golden is a grassroots populist progressive. As a local storeowner, Ian pays his employees $15 an hour, cutting into his own profits, and threatening the viability of his business. He does this because he believes that a business exists to share wealth with the community, not to hoard wealth through exploitation. For Ian, Medicare for All would break one of the chains of workplace servitude, liberating workers from the burden of healthcare costs, and liberating employers from the temptation not to protect their workers. TCP and Ian Golden agree that Medicare for All is an economic stimulus that will encourage more people to start their own businesses, and save Americans the trillions of dollars they transfer to private for-profit insurers today. Medicare for All will dispel the shadow of suffering from American working-class life and should be a top priority for anyone running for federal office.

As an athlete and a runner, Ian trains with people from all backgrounds and from both ends of the political spectrum, so he knows how to listen, find common ground, and motivate people to work together toward genuinely beneficial goals. Like a majority of voters in the district, Ian is focused on his family. He is concerned that his daughters will grow up to face harassment and wage discrimination in the workplace, that they won’t have clean water to drink, that climate change will bring disease, extreme weather, crop failures and war, and threaten their survival. These are concerns that all local residents have, Democrats, Republicans and independents alike. Who is not concerned? The billionaires who are making obscene profits off of our current system. Ian will stand up to them, side by side with a new wave of populists and progressives in Congress.

Tompkins County Progressives, Tioga County Progressives and NYPAN of the Southern Finger Lakes have all endorsed Ian Golden and have submitted their endorsements to the New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) and to Our Revolution. They will also be assisting the Ian Golden campaign in applying for endorsement from the Working Families Party, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats.

The members and executive board at Tompkins County Progressives thank all the candidates for their willingness to run for office and serve our district. While any one of them would be a great improvement over the current Congressman, Tom Reed, TCP believes that Ian Golden is the strongest progressive candidate in the race and will bring a valuable voice to Washington.

More About Ian

Ian is a small business owner from Tompkins County, NY. He and his wife Sherry are the proud parents of two young daughters, Maren and Nora.

Ian attended Ithaca College, where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Occupational Therapy. He went on to work with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and later clients in an inpatient rehabilitation setting.

Transitioning to business in 2005, Ian founded several small community-oriented businesses in upstate NY, including a flagship retail location in the Southern Tier, the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company.  He is also the owner of an internationally recognized event company focused on trail and mountain running. Ian has received honors from the Small Business Association for Business Excellence and namesake honors for a Community Spirit and Wellness Award. He was a member of the Tompkins County Strategic Tourism and Planning Board from 2014 to 2017.

Ian is a competitive athlete, earning collegiate All-American honors, but now prefers low-key trail runs with friends or his dog Indy, or runs across District 23.

Ian is looking forward to the opportunity to represent New York’s 23rd district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is focused on living wage economies, healthcare as a right, protecting our public schools, ensuring that our youth have the education and vocational skills needed to rebuild our nation, and on a society that is safe for women. He is committed to “be the change” when it comes to reducing the control of special interests over our government. Ian believes each individual constituent should have as much access and influence as any big-ticket donor or special-interest group. In addition, Ian believes that climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our nation, and that stepping up to meet this challenge will provide the foundation for an economic and moral revival in our communities.

More information about Ian and his campaign can be found at:




Or call:  607-426-9025

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